Welcome to our farm! My Name is Skye Larmour

In 2018 I upended my life to take over my family's farm. It's one of the most important things I've done.

More than ever we need healthy, local food with a low carbon impact. And we need more accessible natural fibres to replace polluting synthetic ones.

I want to help create a world where everyone can feel good about where our food and clothing comes from. Please join us in this work. Scroll down to learn more and click here to keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletters.

For our future,

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This week's box


We offer weekly produce boxes containing a selection of what's in-season. No long-term commitment and convenient pick up on Salt Spring Island or Victoria, BC.

Check out this week's box contents and price.

Ethical Angora rabbit wool

We lovingly and ethically raise Angora rabbits for their premium wool. First quality raw wool for spinning, felting and other uses is available in 2oz packages from our online store.

Bulk Buys

Bulk quantities for thrifty folk. Whether you're looking for pickling cucumbers to jar, basil for pesto, or to put away potatoes for winter, we have something for you.

Find out what we have available now.

Farm stand

Farm stand fun

A quintessential Salt Spring shopping experience! Our farm stand is kept stocked with fresh fruit, vegetables, and handcrafted items. There is convenient parking. Cash or etransfer payments. Open daily 8am until sunset. See map below for directions.

Learn more about our farm stand, including what's available today.

  • 765 Beddis Rd Salt Spring Island, BC Canada


Bunny fluff stuffed premium cat toys handcrafted by us. Unleash the wild in your kitty!

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We are a second-generation farm on Salt Spring Island that practices natural and regenerative growing methods.

Find out more about the farm and the people behind it.