About our farmstand

Everything we produce is available for purchase at our farm stand, located at 765 Beddis Rd. The stand is stocked regularly.

In the interest of minimizing waste, please bring a reusable shopping bag with you.

Hours of operation

The farm stand is open daily 8:00am – sunset.


This farm stand is run on the honour system. We trust you to pay at the time of your purchase. Payment can be made by cash, personal cheque or Salt Spring Dollars.

Payments by e-transfer accepted. Please write your name, email and total purchase amount on the provided slips of paper. Sorry, we do not accept debit or credit cards at our farmstand.

Available today at the farmstand

This page will be updated daily with a list of what is available at the farm stand.

Coming April 20th

  • Arugula, bags
  • Purple sprouting broccoli, bunches
  • Spinach, bags
  • Cilantro, bunches
  • Broad bean greens, bags

"Seconds" at the Stand

Nobody's perfect, so why expect our veggies to be? Reduce food waste and save money with our seconds program. These second-quality veggies may be imperfect but are perfectly good to eat. Expect some insect damage or imperfections but the same great flavour. Unwashed and randomly packaged into bags, sold for a flat rate of $5 per bag.