Ethically raised Angora rabbit wool – 2 oz.


Ethically raised Angora rabbit wool. White, 2oz.

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Ethically raised Angora rabbit wool. This sustainable wool is from our herd of Angora rabbits we lovingly raised on our farm. Wool is harvested by giving the rabbits a haircut. No plucking is involved. They live together in a group, eat fresh food grown on the farm for them, and have lots of space to hop and play.

  • “First” quality wool
  • Unwashed, but free of debris.
  • Staple length is 2.5″ minimum
  • Pure white
  • Raw – not carded or otherwise processed
  • 2 oz. package

Purchased wool will either be from a single rabbit or a mixture. Our bunnies’ names are: Rosemary Snowflake, Apple Butter, Lavender Fudge, Snowdrop Tuesday, Birch Birch, and Honeydew.

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