We lovingly and ethically raise Angora rabbits for their premium wool

Angora rabbit wool is extremely warm - more than double the warmth of sheep's wool. Unlike sheep's wool, it does not contain lanolin. It is extremely soft, imparting a comforting. luxurious feel.

We love our rabbits and their welfare is extremely important to us. They live together in a family unit with ample space to express natural behaviours like jumping, digging, and grooming one another. They eat lots of farm grown greens and love sunflower seeds as a treat.

Our bunnies get a haircut every three months to harvest the wool. We clean their coats using a special air blower and then shear them using clippers. It’s painless for the bunnies. Once shorn, they wear a little sweater for a couple of weeks to stay warm until their wool grows back a bit.

We currently sell raw wool in 2 oz packages. Available in white only.

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