Broad bean greens, bag


Approximately 1/3 lb bag of broad bean greens.

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About this vegetable/fruit

Did you know you can eat broad bean (fava bean) greens? We’re trying out this crop this year to see if people like it. Cute heart shaped leaves with distinctive bean-pea like taste. Please let us know what you think!

Using it

Can be eaten raw or cooked. Use fresh as you would spinach in salads or such, or lightly cooked and added to pasta, quiche, or on its own as a side dish. It cooks similarly to spinach – quickly and with some water let out. If incorporating into a dish, cook separately to have it release its water first.

Here’s a simple recipe idea:

What you’ll get

Approximately 1/3 lb bag of broad bean greens. Works out to about 1 large portion or 2 smaller ones.