Cilantro, bunch

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Cilantro, approximately 1/4lb bunch. Very flavourful.

ON SALE because it’s not going to last in the field with this heat.

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About this vegetable/fruit

People seem to either love or hate cilantro. If they hate it, it’s probably because it tastes like soap to them. The soap taste is a result of a genetic difference that allows them to more acutely taste cilantro’s soapy-tasting aldehydes. Since this cilantro has about 1 trillion times more cilantro flavour than store-bought cilantro, you will either love it or hate it even more!

Using it

Use raw. Rinse and strip leaves from stems and coarsely chop leaves. Or if you are fine with a bit of stem material, just cut off as much stem as you can and then coarsely shop. Cilantro doesn’t stay in prime condition long in the fridge.

What you’ll get

Approximately 1/4lb bunch. Enough to add to a few dishes.