Garlic greens, 1/4lb bunch – COMING SOON!



Young garlic greens, 1/4lb bunch.

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About this vegetable/fruit

Garlic greens are not something you commonly find. They aren’t garlic scapes, which garlic lovers may be familiar with. Garlic greens are the youngest shoots the garlic clove sends out.

They are flat green shoots, and taste like (surprise!) garlic. They are nice and tender once cooked up. We think garlic greens are best eaten lightly cooked, which mellows the garlic flavour a bit and makes for a very nice addition to many dishes.

If you love garlic, this is the earliest, fresh garlic fix available!

Using it

Can be eaten raw but we think it’s much better cooked. Remove any yellowed or dried out ends. Chop into short pieces if you’re going to mix them into a dish; otherwise, cook whole. SauteĆ© or steam.

What you’ll get

1/4lb bunch. Once cooked, it’s about enough for 2 small servings.